Additional Benefits on International SIM Cards

Many people are aware that international SIM cards help travellers to save up to 80% on their global roaming expenses. With the availability of multiple plans and offers, the travellers have also started taking customised plans for their upcoming trips. The group travellers also take advantage of CUG plans in which there are free or low cost outgoing calls among the group.

These SIM cards are available in prepaid and postpaid format so that the travellers have the flexibility and convenience of choosing the right solution as per their preference. In addition to these benefits, there are additional benefits entitled for the travellers to make their travelling comfortable. Below are some of the benefits that are available with your tailored plan:

  1. Add-on Services: With cost-effective plans, there are add-on services available on the local number of the destination country. You can use voice mail service, call conference, text messages and GPRS at nominal costs.
  2. Value-add Services: The companies extend their services by offering value-add services to compliment your trip. Usually, travel insurance and Forex are popular services that are available at reduced costs with SIM services.
  3. Dedicated Account Manager: The dedicated account manager is your single point of contact for all your queries. They provide you assistance from SIM delivery till it is picked up after you return from your travel.
  4. Itemised Bill: The transparency in billing cycle is a must. Hence, the telecom companies don’t only provide a bill but also share itemised entries for more clarity. While you make the payment, you can be sure that the payment amount is genuine.
  5. Customer Support: The dedicated customer support is available to assist you even at emergency situations. You can share your queries on call or e-mail to get a solution in an estimated turnaround time.

If you are also planning abroad, you must have checked various plans with different local telecom companies. As a new traveller, you wouldn’t find much of a difference in their services. Hence, it is important to look for additional benefits that are offered from the company for your convenience. Apart from this, there are telecom experts who customise your telecom solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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