How to Save on Forex Rates

Forex rates are known as the exchange rate between any two currencies. They specify the purchasing power of one currency in relation to the other. People are increasingly paying high prices to change their cash into foreign currency at the last minute. They end up paying more because of the exchange rate. There are now ways to save on forex rates.

Nowadays, when people travel to foreign countries, they prefer to spend by using their credit or debit card. Travelers can save money if they are in possession of the right card.

Just because a sign says “commission free”, it does not mean that a good exchange rate is going to be offered at the exchange bureau. These are the offers one should be wary of because there is a chance that a worse offer will be made to the customer compared to what the bureau actually pays. This allows the bureau to make its profit. However, there are some companies that do not charge commission. So, if their exchange rates are good, they are worthwhile looking into. On the other hand, even bureaus that do charge commission should not be overlooked as they may have exchange rates that are good.

The second option is to have a traveler’s cheque. These, however, are for those who think ahead. Exchange rates and transfer funds have to be observed for a certain time ahead before the cheques are exchanged to get the best rates possible. However, the downside about traveler’s cheques is that there is likelihood for an additional charge for cashing cheques in a foreign country.

The third option is to have a credit card that is used specifically when travelling abroad. This allows for the credit card to be paid up in full when it comes to the date of billing. It is generally advised not to use credit card to withdraw money because there is extra interest charged on the card for cash withdrawal abroad. However, if extensive research is carried out, one will be able to find credit card deals that don’t charge excessively, especially for cash withdrawals. The most crucial element in having credit cards when travelling abroad is security, because even if the credit card is stolen or even misplaced, a replacement card will be sent by the credit card company.

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